Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Integration is Underway!

With so many social media and social networking tools available to consumers, PostnSpot knows it’s important to keep things simple in order to create a successful product. As such, PostnSpot is proud to announce that the new beta site is going to new lengths to integrate users’ current favorite social media channels into PostnSpot to create a more fulfilling experience while avoiding unnecessary cross-posting and wasting of time through duplication. PostnSpot users can now sign up for an account with their Facebook login, allowing them to easily connect with their Facebook friends on PostnSpot, and a similar function with Twitter logins is coming soon. Additionally, Pinterest is now integrated into the site so that when users find a great picture they’d like to share, all it takes is one click.

PostnSpot’s aim is to streamline the social media experience by providing its unique services to consumers without forcing them to duplicate their posts and other content that they create on other sites. Currently this function goes in one direction, by automatically creating posts for PostnSpot content on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages. However, PostnSpot aims to make this content stream a two-way channel by introducing features in the near future that create post on PostnSpot by pulling location data from Twitter and Facebook posts. Through this all, PostnSpot continues to focus on making user privacy a priority, with nothing shared unless user permission is given and also by giving users the ability to have complete privacy control over their content.