How to Get Started on PostnSpot

Welcome to PostnSpot!

PostNSpot is a place to add notes, photos, and videos to the world map, and then share your stories and information with your friends, family, and the world. Get started by following the steps below, and be ready to put yourself on the map!

Post Status

  • This posts a message to your profile without creating a location-based spot. You can add URLs, photos, and videos to your status posts. Statuses can be shared with the public, or only with specific groups of friends.

Post Your Spot

  • Double-click the map to create a new spot.
  • Drag and drop the bouncing mark to the desired location of your new spot.
  • Name your spot in the Title field, and add your note in the Description field.
  • Add your own pictures to your spots by clicking the Upload Photos button.
  • You may also embed a video in your spot by adding a YouTube link.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the content of your post, click the green Post button to create your spot on the map.

Daily Diary

  • The Daily Diary helps you create a personal record of notes, events, appointments and thoughts. This function includes such features as password protection, auto-saving and auto-date marking.