What Sets PostnSpot Apart?

As it has pushed itself to become more mainstream, Facebook has lost its quality and become more of a glorified dating website than anything else, with similarities to what drove the old MySpace out of relevance. For those looking for a more creative way to experience social networking, PostnSpot offers a way to put your

The all-new PostnSpot launches

This week marks a significant milestone for CitySpoon, Inc. and its social networking project SpoonerSpot, as the site’s concept has been successfully re-envisioned by a new team of developers in the form of PostNSpot. The beta is currently open to the public and available free of charge. This opening period will be used to focus

SpoonerSpot is Evolving

The key to any great social media site is how it evolves, and here at SpoonerSpot we’re about to transition into a much anticipated new generation; consider it SpoonerSpot 2.0. Our goal has been to listen to user feedback we’ve collected throughout our beta and post-beta phases, and use it to streamline both the feel

The New ‘PostNSpot’

A very unique concept in social networking is brewing in Las Vegas, and it goes by the name PostNSpot. Aiming to give a new perspective to social media, PostNSpot’s concept revolves on combining the micro-blogging aspects of Twitter with photo and video capabilities and displaying posts over the context of the world map. Users can