PostnSpot Becoming More Social has always been about   “putting yourself on a map,” and the users who have been a part of the site have been using it to save their special memories. For the most part, though, they have been keeping them to themselves, sort of like filling a time capsule for themselves or storing things in Grandma’s cedar chest. Lately, however, users are discovering the social aspects of the site more and more. Forming groups of like-minded friends, sharing photos and comments, there are now communities of people starting to form in a real social network. It is easier to find what people want to talk about than having to wade through hundreds of posts and ads and game invites, and the pictures and spots are all still recorded as they are to pull out years from now and remember where they were. The app for the site is coming out, which will let people take and post pics right from their phone, adding even more to the experience and making it more of a current social network instead of just an archiving tool. PostnSpot is emerging as a social network for today, and the bus is just getting started.