PostnSpot’s Roots

The original idea of SpoonerSpot was to create a location-based social networking site where users can express their life on the canvass of the world map. However the SpoonerSpot site was only a rough draft, an outline of what the concept could become. CitySpoon decided that in order to see the geo-location social network concept fully recognized, SpoonerSpot needed to be moved under a new umbrella. Earlier in 2013, CitySpoon executives decided to hand over the development of the new site to a newly created group of developers and social media entrepreneurs who subsequently created PostNSpot as the new home for the project.

PostNSpot is not merely an update to SpoonerSpot; it’s a whole new website entirely. However, it still carries over many similar functions, as well as the posts and metadata from SpoonerSpot so old users can continue on the new site. Additionally, the old site will remain active during the transition period. The original concept of creating a social networking where posts are based on location has been imagined into a greater and more complete vision, and the beta version of the new PostNSpot site is now open and free to the public.