SpoonerSpot is Evolving

The key to any great social media site is how it evolves, and here at SpoonerSpot we’re about to transition into a much anticipated new generation; consider it SpoonerSpot 2.0. Our goal has been to listen to user feedback we’ve collected throughout our beta and post-beta phases, and use it to streamline both the feel and the function of the site while still staying true to our original concept of creating a site where people can share their experiences through words and pictures in the context of our world map.

Since the original launch of SpoonerSpot, we’ve added such features as a notifications system, drag & drop photo upload, SpoonerStock (charts most active users), and Facebook integration. The new vision of SpoonerSpot aims to continue where we left off by adding both standard and innovative new features. We’ll be enhancing Facebook integration as well as adding Twitter integration, since Twitter mirrors the micro-blogging aspect of SpoonerSpot.

Additionally, we’ll be rolling out a mobile app for iPhone and Android users because we know how important mobile platforms are to social media users. That means you’ll be able to “spot” on the spot, whether you’re capturing a scenic view on a hike or a special night out on the town with friends.

While new features are always great, we wanted to make sure we didn’t make the site more cluttered or complicated, which is why we’ve revamped the visual side of SpoonerSpot. From front to back, we’ve streamlined the feel and function of the site. It’s easier to create spots, organize them, and share them with your friends and family. Use our map to share your favorite outdoor spots, ballparks you’ve visited, your travel destination bucket list; with SpoonerSpot the world is your scrapbook, diary, to-do list, and more.